Would you like to establish yourself as an expert? Want to get more exposure? Digital Advertising is a tried and tested medium to get information about products (new and old) into the hands of almost every person on the internet. It’s not just limited to the physical article anymore! Even goods and services can be found on the vast web of information! With the advent of price comparisons, it’s even possible to compare hundreds and thousands of packages of the same products to find customers the absolute best deal on whatever it is they desire.


Boasting a subscriber base of over a quarter of a million potential clients to choose from, getting mass circulated media has never been easier! For a nominal subscription fee, we have the ability to distribute any nature of marketing material to a vast array of subscribers. We can get your eFlyer to our network within minutes, increasing impressions and sales for your business, products, and services. So don’t settle for anything less! Make sure you send your sales into orbit in a hurry! Every moment concocting a long, convoluted marketing scheme, is buying your competition more time to get ahead, like they could be doing right this very moment. So take advantage of this media and get your product into the hands of as many of your loyal shoppers as possible.


We do SEO friendly advertising work for you, reach your prospects by advertising your ad on our web space. Set out of the darkness and know where you stand! Let the professionals host your advertisement, weblinks and skyrocket your marketing almost overnight. Keep it renewed as long as you like, and send all those amazing potential clients directly to your products. Don’t wait around and spend your hard-earned dollars on the misleading, expensive campaigns which get you nowhere. Let the professionals handle it!


Your customers and clients are not shackled to their computers all hours of the day, so why should your campaign be the same? proSMS gives you a powerful ability to get your products or services through to your potential clients’ mobile within minutes! Don’t settle for old tech. Make it mobile, make it work! It makes sense! Let your customers take your amazing products and services with them. Your services would be needed on the go!


The Smartphone truly led a revolution among this generation and the last; changing the face of how we live and the way we advertise our business. Just imagine being able to get yourself out there to even a small proportion of the 2.3 billion users of such devices in a heartbeat! Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Well now you can! Why should you shackle your marketing campaign exclusively to the confines of the computer! In the rapidly changing world, you need to get mobile. Let your clients take your wonderful products and services with them on a handy little app. Let us overhaul your adver- tising and digital drive, and bring it into the twenty-first century in a hurry!


The Smartphone truly led a revolution among this generation and the last changing the face of how we live. We have crafted one-of-a-kind apps that can really help you achieve your goals. These apps have been designed to perfection by our experts and we really hope these apps can make your life much easier. We work hard to come up with something exciting that can solve your problems by giving you an extra edge, saving your time and money. Our designers are working continuously to design new apps, so keep an eye!

Any Unit Converter

Ever found yourself in a quandary with your units and measurements? Your metric to your imperial? Your feet to your yards? This is definitely the app for you! No more rummaging across the internet to find out how many miles are equivalent to 100 kilometers. No more messing around for measurements while you’re working on that amazing new home extension. With a simple to use, initiative user-interface, you can find out the answer in a heartbeat, The currency conversions feature makes it much easier for you to convert every currency anytime you want. You just need internet connection for this currency conversion and all the other conversions can be performed without using the internet. Now that’s smart thinking! Save yourself the aggro and time, and download this neat little app today!

Auto Care 2

Cars are getting better and better, with more complicated components and higher tech abilities. With all these little quirks, it’s no wonder so many people end up running around in circles when things go wrong. Avoid the headache, and keep your car in fantastic shape with “AutoCare 2” Oil changes? Tire pressure rotations? Mileage since the last fill? Ability to fly? While we can’t grant your car the ability to take flight, we can guaran- tee that you’ll massively prolong the life of your car by coupling all those arduous, niggling tasks of keeping your car maintained into one highly useful, easy to use app. It remind you when you’re due for your next round of servicing. Your car will run better and the great shape will save you a ton of money in fuel economy. Fill up less, travel more! Download the app today! Comming Soon!


We always on the lookout for innovative, exciting ideas for new one-of-a-kind products. Our community means the most to us, and we rely on your amazing feedback to build bigger and better updates on top of not only our existing technology, but building new and exciting features that makes life easier, and just that little bit more entertaining! Why not let our amazing technical teams shave precious minutes off those arduous tasks by applying just a little bit of ingenuity?

My Aqua Mate

Is your garden the envy of your neighborhood? Neither is ours, but it looks pretty good! Perhaps you want to keep it that way, but you find yourself always at work, and too tired to go all the yard work. Besides, who has the time? Get hold of our newest product, “myAquaMate” The days of walking around the yard with a big heavy watering can, giving your plants a drink each day are gone. You don't need Internet connection to operate it - just schedule watering and save time! Even if you run out of electricity, the effective batteries ensure it continues to work flawlessly. If that’s too much, why not set it on a schedule? Have it done just before you come home, and you’ll return to your house to see all the rough, hard work done, and let you get on with your evening. Comming Soon!